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Need Delivery? Port City Deliveries Brings Bake My Day To Your Door

Bake My Day is excited to announce that you can now have all your favorites delivered all around the Mobile area through Port City Deliveries <click to order> during regular ... more...

Bake My Day Partners With Cammie's Old Dutch On Sweet & Salty Cookie Ice Cream

Bake My Day partnered with Cammie's Old Dutch to create our signature Sweet & Salty Cookie Ice Cream that's available only at our bakery. Enjoy it by the scoop, in ... more...

About Bake My Day

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Bake My Day is a family owned and operated bakery located in the heart of Spring Hill, near the intersection of Old Shell Road and N McGregor Avenue.  Our bakery was born out of four women believing it was possible to turn a dream into reality.  Paula Bentley and Liz Harbin have been best friends for over 30 years, and they started talking about this dream back in early 2011 with their other good friend Rebecca Springer.  It all centered around one sweet lady, Pam Roberts or Mama to us, and how much we wanted Mobile to experience the from scratch cooking and baking that we'd grown up eating in her kitchen.  We opened our doors in January 2012.

Mama is the whole reason we can even begin to do this, and she learned a lot from her mother Lois Sims, or Granny as everyone loved to call her.  Many of the recipes we use today came from Granny, other family members, or are recipes Mama has perfected over the years.  Granny was born in 1911 in Excel, Alabama, and she and her husband raised 9 children with Mama being the 8th out of 5 boys and 4 girls.  Mama could often be found helping Granny in the kitchen from the time she was a little girl.  Granny lived to be 92 before she went to be with the Lord.  During her time here on Earth, she loved A LOT of people with her food.

True to our roots, we're a very Southern bakery, so our menu is loaded with what you'd expect to find in the Deep South.  Rich, moist layer cakes, mouth-watering pound cakes, delicious cookies and squares, icings and glazes with wonderful flavors, and many wonderful savory salads and hot dishes, too.  We set ourselves apart by baking everything from scratch daily.  You can taste the difference.

We've had such an amazing journey so far, and every year gets better and better.  We're so proud to be a past Nappie Award Winner for Best Bakery and also the winner of Best Dessert in the 2015 Chef's Challenge.  We know that happened because of you!  Our customers mean the world to us, and many of you have become good friends, too.  We are very thankful for all y'all.  Thanks for loving us, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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